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Our state-of-the-art showroom area is housed in our 10,000 sq ft Facility in Miami.


The brand of Oz Machine USA was created in the mid 2016 on the base of Ozcelik Machinery’s 42 years of experience and know-how. Ozcelik Machinery began its manufacturing journey with aluminum and PVC profile processing machines in 1980, is, now, a leading manufacturer of more than 60 machines used mainly in processing aluminum and PVC profiles. And the company continues to enrich its product range with other high quality machines for different industrial products like aluminum composite panels, iron and steel profiles.

With its 170,000 square feet indoor area in Istanbul – Orhanli industrial zone, and a workforce of 160 people comprising of R&D engineers, mechanical engineers along with marketing and technical specialists, the company is able to produce 40,000 units of machinery annually at its fully integrated production plant.

It is a brand that attaches importance to certification and thus certified its manufacturing quality with European Conformity (CE), Management System Quality (ISO 9001:2008 TUV CERT), Russian Customs Union (EAC), Ukraine Product Quality (UKR-SEPRO) certificates.

OZ Machine USA is a technology-oriented company that follows the latest production technologies closely and applies them to its production lines.


TigerStop is the global leader in stop gauge and material positioning systems for rapid, precise positioning of almost any material including metal, wood, plastics, and composites. TigerStop length stops and automatic saw systems improve yield and productivity while reducing scrap waste and labor costs. They have their own manufacturing facilities in United States and Europe, sales partners around the world and technical support at your fingertips. TigerStop were there the moment “measure twice, cut once” became a thing of the past and They continue to maintain the same aggressive research and development effort that started it all. They now have over 100 patents, awarded or pending, to our name. We know what it takes to be fast, accurate, and reliable – and how to maintain a cutting edge.


Seriousness, competence and passion, are the characteristics that have brought iVision to be, in just a few years, an often referred-to company in the sector of industrial dust and chips collection. Strong through a multidisciplinary, highly skilled workforce, iVision is capable of meeting every type of request with punctuality and competence, helping the client choose their vacuum, designing customized machines for manufacturers and dealers. Strong with a comprehensive distribution network and a dynamic commercial sector, iVision with its headquarters in Cattolica, exports its products all over the world and is present in 35 nations. Plan, development, design, all of this comes to life in Italy, a way to think of the product, to live it, the genuine desire to transmit the passion for technological research and stability of a unique and guaranteed industrial suction product through time.


HAECO, which started its activities in the field of industrial electronics and automation in 2005, became to provide its need on its own in the field of mechanic and automation in 2007. HAECO carries a wide range of products including window backbedding tables, glass manipulators, glue pattern controllers, solenoid drivers, hot melt pumps, general taper gluers, cold glue application equipment, corrugated packaging solutions, and so much more.


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