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Emulsio Line

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Automatic Separation of Oil and Chips


The iV1 Emulsio line are the most compact industrial vacuums of the iVision range. Optimal for the separation of chips from liquid, and are prefect for general cleaning in metal machinery shops. Furthermore, they can be used as an integration to machine tools of various types, for example for lathes and 5-Axis milling machines


The iV2 Emulsio line are absolutely the industrial vacuums most used in the iVision range. They are comprised of industrial vacuums optimal for the separation of chips from liquid, or just in general for cleaning metal machinery shops. They can be easily integrated to machinery that works with heavy or light metals, for example, 5-Axis milling machines or lathes


The iV3 Emulsio line are industrial vacuums more adapt to empty chips from lathe and milling lathes machines of medium to large size. The vacuums work at an excellent performance level, to be used in order to separate chips from liquids, even just for general cleaning in the more important metal machinery industries
iv4 Emulsio
The iV4 Emulsio line are the most powerful industrial vacuums and efficient for the collection of chips and liquids from milling machines, lathes, or CNC work centers. Thanks to the powerful dual-stage side-channel turbine and to the spacious collection tank

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