CNC Controlled Profile Machining Center (4 Axis)


CNC Controlled Profile Machining Center (4 Axis)


Used for performing milling, drain channel opening, drilling, marking and milling processes

on aluminum and PVC profiles.

  • Non-standard specific operations on different profiles

  • CNC based control system

  • Precise process at any angle between -90° and +90°

  • Automatic tool replacement

  • Automatic magazine for 10 tools

  • Automatic clamping positioning

  • Industrial PC with Windows based touchscreen and easy to use practical interface

  • Remote access

  • Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB

  • High processing capacity to increase efficiency

  • Ability to process profiles over 10ft with double gauge system

  • Automatic lubrication in processing area

Standard Equipment

  • Processing tools (5 pieces)

  • Ability to process 2 profiles in parallel (except inner surfaces)

  • Cabinet providing protection in the processing zone

Optional Equipment

  • Barcode reader

  • Automatic lubrication

  • Optional length on X-axis

  • Ability to perform processing in two separate zones (20ft)

  • Side tunnels


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