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Sheffield Machinery located in Miami Florida, Supplies New Machinery, IndSysCon Software for Manufacturing as well as Tool and Die throughout the entire USA.

Aluminum Machinery, most in stock is manufactured by OZ Machine located in Turkey who in the past 40 years have designed and produced over 60 different types of Machinery.

IndSysCon is a comprehensive manufacturing software solution that is totally customizable to your manufacturing company..

Tool and Die, all of which produced in house is offered to Manufacture and the Maintenance of your Tooling.

CNC Machining is also offered as we cater to all large and small projects across a variety of industries.



Our showroom in Miami Florida holds our distinguished machinery in an 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse. We also have a fully operational Tool and Die shop where we produce new punching machines and dies for our valued customers.

A leading manufacturer of more than 60 machines used mainly in processing aluminum, wood and PVC profiles. And the company continues to enrich its product range with other high quality machines for different industrial products like aluminum composite panels, iron and steel profiles.

A global leader in stop gauge and material positioning systems for rapid, precise positioning of almost any material including metal, wood, plastics, and composites. They have there own manufacturing facilities in United States and Europe, sales partners around the world and technical support at your fingertips.

iVision is helping the client choose their vacuum, designing customized machines for manufacturers and dealers. Strong with a comprehensive distribution network and a dynamic commercial sector, iVision with its headquarters in Cattolica, exports its products all over the world and is present in 35 nations.

HAECO carries a wide range of products including window backbedding tables, glass manipulators, glue pattern controllers, solenoid drivers, hot melt pumps, general taper gluers, cold glue application equipment, corrugated packaging solutions, and so much more.


Working towards becoming Florida’s upcoming CNC machining companies we cater to all large and small projects across a variety of industries. Our work is of the highest quality and precision. Our expert team works with the latest technology to design innovative solutions. We continue to evolve in order to deliver the highest standard CNC machining services to our clients.



Industrial System Controller or IndSysCon is a comprehensive manufacturing software solution that is totally customizable to your manufacturing company.

IndSysCon can efficiently handle tasks such as order management, production planning, inventory control, and logistics. By integrating these processes, IndSysCon enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and improves overall productivity in the manufacturing industry.


We provide many services to our customers including: Die Design & Engineering, Tool & Die Manufacture, Replacement Components, Reverse Engineering. All Dies designed in-house come with full Solidworks drawings and parts list for our customers.

Our full in-house Tool and Die capabilities provide Punching dies for numerous industries including the Window and Door industry. Our heat treatment is handled internally for strict process quality control and quick turnaround.

Our Repair capabilities include:

  • Sharpening and Refurbishment – To ensure the production of quality parts and preventive maintenance of tooling
  • Component Replacement – To replace a broken die component quickly and effectively
  • Die Changes – To re-manufacture a die to customer specifications when a change is required
  • Quality Work – To make a repair accurately the first time, in keeping with our quality management standards
  • Quick Turnaround – To make rapid, effective die repair

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Sheffield Machinery in Miami is your one stop for all your aluminum machines and solutions.
CNC, Saw, Cutting, End Milling, we have it all. Browse through our Oz, iVision, TigerStop, HAECO machines today!