Tiger Stop Options

Tiger Stop Options

Cut List Downloading Software (TigerLink 6)

TigerStop has extensive experience handling work orders and cut list data. Using TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading Software, TigerLink 6, you can download cut lists or part lists from your network and send them to your TigerStops using Ethernet cables. You no longer have to use messy paper cut lists.


Any TigerStop can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch™.  Using the TigerTouch touch screen controller, you can download an infinite number of cut lists, display three cut lists at a time for easy switching between work orders, and view statistics such as job status, remnants, remaining parts, and yield.

Backboard Optimization and Defecting

Backboard Optimization™ is a process developed and patented by TigerStop which utilizes Dynamic Optimization software in conjunction with a backboard fence and ruler. Backboard Optimization streamlines roughly 80% of the cutting process and has a number of additional benefits.

Dynamic Pack Optimization

TigerStop offers a brand new software upgrade for TigerTouch called Dynamic Pack Optimization.  Dynamic Pack Optimization optimizes entire packs or bundles of like-profiled material, rather than single pieces. It does so quickly and accurately while tracking material usage statistics data.

Dynamic Pack Optimization allows operators to achieve maximum productivity. It quickly calculates the greatest number of profiles an operator can load while achieving the best yield and preventing over-cutting of expensive raw stock. It can be used while processing metal, wood, composites, and plastics.

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