Tiger Stop


Measuring and setting manual stops takes time, requires a great deal of skill, and even with the best operator you will still get miscut parts requiring costly rework. TigerStop was designed to solve these problems.

Adding a TigerStop means increasing speed and accuracy with a machine that is easy to operate.

Automation means faster processing – so you can output more finished parts a day. Just punch in or download your cut list, the stop will move to position, and simply place your material and cut.

The TigerStop is amazingly accurate giving you perfectly cut parts… every time. This saves on costly rework and reduces labor costs.

Easy to Operate
TigerStop’s interface is easy to use and an operator can be trained in as little as ten minutes. Once trained, station set up time goes to zero for even more cost savings.

Simply add the TigerStop to an existing saw station, drill, or punch, and you transform your machine into an automation solution for a huge jump in efficiency and accuracy.

Easy to Upgrade
Start simple and build your TigerStop system as you grow. Add label printing, Dynamic Pack Optimization, Cut List Downloading Software, and much more. You can even add a touch screen interface, TigerTouch, for a new level of visibility and productivity. Get just what you need now, and then let TigerStop grow with you and your operation.


  • Jog Mode

  • Calculator Mode

  • Preset Function

  • Metric, Decimal and Fraction Inches

  • Part List Interface, Downloading Software

  • Standard Interconnect Kit (knows when your saw is cycling)

  • Four Types of Parts Lists

    • Set Point

    • Pusher

    • Pattern Part List

    • Pull List

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