TigerSaw Miter

TigerSaw Miter

TigerSaw Miter™

If you have been searching for a fully automated saw system for cutting miters, the wait is over. Introducing TigerSaw Miter™, the automated push-feed upcut saw system for cutting miter angles.

Features and Benefits of TigerSaw Miter™

  • Mitering accuracy of +/- .1°

  • Turn speed of 3 seconds when moving from -45° to 45°

  • Raw material savings

  • Rapid cycle times

  • Labor savings

  • Self-adjusting front fence

  • Great for cutting non-ferrous, wood, and plastic material

  • Unist brand lubrication system for processing non-ferrous material

  • dual dust extraction in both the blade compartment and the top cap

  • 508mm saw blades

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